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Bottle Society is nightlife simplified. Instantly book VIP tables or create a group to make your nightlife experience more affordable.

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We help patrons take their nightlife experience to the next level by increasing social interactions while making nightlife more affordable.

Bottle Society was created to ensure that patrons would be able to take their night out to the next level, while not spending more than what they wanted. Users will be able to enjoy the ability to reserve bottle service, or prepay a tab at local venues and split the overall price with a created group.

Bottle Society is an essential key to venues and users. With the ability to create a user profile, or for venues, a venue profile, users are able to review venues in detail and create a detailed checkout/reservation for group seekers to view and potentially join.

Bottle Society also increases your social network. The ability to review all users before admitting them to your group allows the group creator to hand pick the best-fit group to make a more enjoyable night out. LINK UP TO DRINK UP.

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Bottle Society ensures that patrons will get the most out of their night. Patrons are able to link up with other users in order to share the price of bottle service. LINK UP TO DRINK UP


Fast and easy to use tools that allow you to link up with others to reserve bottle service/Tabs at nearby venues

Fast and simple auto-login/

Login with Facebook or create your own login credentials

Your data is backed up and safe/

All of your data is backed up to our secure servers to ensure top level security of your information

Quick matchmaking services/

Easily link up with others to form groups that you will be able to reserve Bottle Service/Tabs and split the price

/Venue Searching

Location services enable you to find local venues and easily book reservations

/Detailed Checkout

The ability to pick what you would like at your table or the price of your pre-paid tab

/Venue Profiles

Ability to create a venue profile page that will highlight available venue events/menus/table layouts

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